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Irrigation pump
Medical technology and application  
  • cardiac ablation procedure
  • irrigation pump for catheters for example RF-ablation
  • heart, nerve or muscle stimulation or pacing
  • cardiology and electrophysiology measurement systems (e.g. cable-free long term ECG-Holter-System)
  • low energy laser therapy
  • wireless applications for medical products (i. a. for implants)
Production "made in Germany"  
  • certificated and process based production
  • service and flexible production from one source
  • automatic test system (including wireless-systems)
Certification / Validation  
  • worldwide approvals
  • risk management, documentation of approval, regulatory affairs
  • standard compliant development (e.g. EN 60601, CA, FDA, CSA, UL)
Hardware & Software  
  • analog circuit design & printed board layout
  • digital circuit development (e.g. MSP430/ARM/STM32/STN8(L)/ATMEL/PIC)
  • safety technology, EMC
  • supply concepts, accumulator recharge- and monitoring power
  • communication & interface technology; e.g. Ethernet, ISDN, PSTN
  • user interface (GUI) – programming & design
  • microcontroller programming by using real time operation systems
  • design of portable, flexible and efficient microcontroller-programming-based solutions
  • hard & software-co-development